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Coco Clarice


Product Advertising Concepts

Personalised Concepts

Editorial Layout Concepts

Coco Clarice


Outdoors or nature photography

Product photography

Studio controlled environments

Objective Corporate Photography

Architectural Photography

Coco Clarice


Student Photographer in my final year

Loves: product photography

Appreciative of using natural light in photography

Passionate about the outdoors

Ideal Job: Anything with National Geographic!

About Me

Life through the lens of Coco Clarice

Coco Clarice

Born in South Africa, raised in Australia, I am blessed to have experienced different cultures at a very young age. My visual sense has always been my strongest. Seeing light for its complexities in colour and behaviour brings joy to my experience in life. Yet, photography is more than seeing light, it’s witnessing the world around you.

Precious few have the opportunity to stop and really see what is happening around them. For me, photography has taught me to see and appreciate the multiple points of view of this world and I’ve met so so many different kinds of people along the way.

My love for photography is the same complex love for society and this planet.


What services can I offer you?


Whatever your requirement, I can photograph anything from portrait shots to special events and occasions at very reasonable prices.


For clients who prefer motion, I can arrange a complete production from start to finish. There's always hungry students around looking to make spare cash!

Photo Editing

From your selection of favourite photos, I will post-produce your photos with the correct amount of editing. Editorial editing is also possible.

Print Products

Have your favourite photos developed onto a large variety of keepsakes - from exclusive albums to canvas to table coffee books. Ideal for gifting!

Ready to see my portfolio pages?

View my key assignments completed as student at Open Window during the year 2018.

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